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Positive Publicity

for RVA and beyond

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What does "positive publicity" mean?

It's not earning the highest amount of "likes" for your content.

It's telling a compelling story and developing a relationship with your audience, motivating them to take action.
Here's how I've done it through words and video:

I initiated and implemented the Little French Books project in which my students wrote children's books in French
and I delivered them to underserved children in schools in developing countries. To fund publication of hard cover books,
I created a Kickstarter campaign with a promo video, earning $2K within one month.

Over 900 children in Haiti and Burkina Faso gained confidence in their reading, 
and my students found meaning in language learning.

Press for the project:

USA Today video
Huff Post article
Radio interview (WRIR Richmond, start time: 27:50)

I also love writing for the web, social media marketing, and collaborating with directors of award-winning short films.

See Written Word for details on my writing and subtitling work.